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FP6 Instruments

The objectives set out by the Sixth Framework Programme shall be implemented through three new and six traditional types of instruments, each of which has its own objectives and conditions. The new networks of excellence (NOE), integrated projects (IP), as well as paragraph 169 aimed at supporting the cooperation and coordination of national programmes aim primarily at overcoming the challenges of realizing the European Research Area. The traditional instruments familiar from past framework programmes include specific targeted research projects (STREP), coordination actions (CA), specific support actions (SSA), as well as actions supporting the development of research infrastructures as well as the training and mobility of researchers.

Further information:

Integrated Projects - IP

Networks of Excellence - NOE

Traditional Instruments

Coordination of Research Activities / ERA-Net

  • For further information on Supporting the Cooperation and Coordination of Research Activities carried out at National or Regional Level visit the Coordination page on CORDIS.
  • For further information on the ERA-NET scheme Level visit the ERA-NET page on CORDIS.
  • For further information on article 169 Level visit the Article 169 page on CORDIS.
  • ERA-Net - background document
  • ERA-Net - brochure
  • ERA-NETs: I, II, III,

Research Infrastructures - FP6

Small and Medium Enterprises - SMEs

Marie Curie actions on mobility, training and excellence recognition

  • Further information on Marie Curie actions: Marie Curie page on CORDIS.