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The structure of IST in FP6

The EC Sixth Framework Programme defines three specific programmes, the first of which sets the goal of "Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area". Information Society Technologies (IST) is the second of the seven thematic priorities defined in this specific programme. The strategic objectives defined in its biannual work programmes cover the following five areas.

1.2. Information Society Technologies
1.2.1. Applied IST research addressing major societal and economic challenges
1.2.2. Communication, computing and software technologies
1.2.3. Components and microsystems
1.2.4. Knowledge and interface technologies
1.2.5. IST future and emerging technologies

Structure of IST in FP6

Further Strategic Objectives defined in 2005 Work Programme updates

Strategic Objectives of the IST Sixth Call for Proposals

2.5.1. Advanced Robotics
2.5.2. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in the Ageing Society
2.5.3. Advanced search technologies for digital audio-visual content
2.5.4. Accompanying actions in support of participation in Community ICT research
2.5.5. International Co-operation

Strategic Objectives of the IST 4.1 Call for Proposals

2.4.6. Networked Audio Visual Systems and Home Platforms

The Strategic Objectives defined in the 2005-2006 IST Work Programme

IST Fifth Call for Proposals

2.5.1. Photonic Components
2.5.2. Micro/nano based Sub-systems
2.5.3. Embedded Systems
2.5.4. Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems and Services
2.5.5. Software and Services
2.5.6. Research Networking Testbeds
2.5.7. Multimodal Interfaces
2.5.8. ICT for Networked Businesses
2.5.9. Collaborative Working Environments
2.5.10. Access to and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Resources
2.5.11. eInclusion
2.5.12. ICT for Environmental Risk Management
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
- (xi) Simulating Emergent Properties in Complex Systems

IST Fourth Call for Proposals

2.4.1. Nanoelectronics
2.4.2. Technologies and Devices for Micro/Nano-scale Integration
2.4.3. Towards a Global Dependability and Security Framework
2.4.4. Broadband for All
2.4.5. Mobile and Wireless Systems beyond 3G
2.4.6. Networked Audio Visual Systems and Home Platforms
2.4.7. Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems
2.4.8. Cognitive Systems
2.4.9. ICT research for Innovative Government
2.4.10. Technology-enhanced Learning
2.4.11. Integrated Biomedical Information for Better Health
2.4.12. eSafety – Co-operative Systems for Road Transport
2.4.13. Strengthening the Integration of the ICT research effort in an Enlarged Europe
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
- (viii) Advanced Computing Architectures
- (ix) Presence and Interaction in Mixed Reality Environments
- (x) Situated and Autonomic Communications

The Strategic Objectives defined in the 2003-2004 IST Work Programme

1.1 Pushing the limits of CMOS and preparing for post-CMOS
1.2 Micro- and nano systems
1.3 Broadband for all
1.4 Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G
1.5 Towards a global dependability and security framework
1.6 Multimodal interfaces
1.7 Semantic-based knowledge systems
1.8 Networked audiovisual systems and home platforms
1.9 Networked businesses and governments
1.10 eSafety for road and air transport
1.11 eHealth
1.12 Technology-enhanced learning and access to cultural heritage
2.1 Advanced displays
2.2 Optical, opto-electronic, and photonic functional components
2.3 Open development platforms for software and services
2.4 Cognitive systems
2.5 Embedded systems
2.6 Applications and services for the mobile user and worker
2.7 Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment
2.8 GRID-based systems for solving complex problems
2.9 Improving risk management
2.10 eInclusion
3.1 Products and services engineering 2010
4.1 FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) open
4.2 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) - Proactive initiatives
5 Research networking test-beds
6 General Accompanying Actions