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Archives: Evaluation

*** Attention! This page contains archived information and documentation. The archives do not include information about the Sixth Framework Programme. Please find all such information under the other menus.

Hungarian Participation in the Fifth Framework Programme

Hungarian participants first became active in EC funded research during the Fourth Framework Programme, in which they were able to participate as third country entities while covering their own costs. Following the signature of association agreements and their entry into force (1 August 1999 for Hungary), legal entities based in 11 Associated States were given the opportunity to participate and obtain financial support in the Fifth Framework Programme under essentially the same rules and conditions as legal entities in EU Member States (press release). This provided an unparalleled opportunity for researchers of the Candidate Countries at the time to become actively involved in leading edge research, build new relationships, and strengthen existing partnerships with entities in EU member states, obtain the necessary financial and partner support, as well as new exploit new opportunities for the realisation of their own projects.

Hungarian researchers greeted this opportunity with enthusiasm. During the Fifth Framework Programme

  • 162 Hungarian participants cooperated in
  • 117 projects with
  • 1406 foreign partners
  • from 43 countries and
  • 1 international organisation.

The participation figures for small and medium enterprises exhibited notable success.

The list of IST projects started under the Fifth Framework Programme with Hungarian participants is available on the projects page.

Reports, evaluations

  • Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis 2001(EN)
  • IST Advisory Group - Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010 (EN)
  • IST2000: Realising an Information Society for All (EN)
  • Information Society - Evaluation (Link to available reports)
  • Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis (EN)
  • IST Advisory Group: Recommendations for Workprogramme 2001 and beyond (EN)
  • Five-Year assessment in the field of User-Friendly Information Society (Link to available reports)
  • PIM - Programme integration and management (EN)
  • PIM - Supplementary report (EN)