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Archives: FP5 / IST

*** Attention! This page contains archived information and documentation. The archives do not include information about the Sixth Framework Programme. Please find all such information under the other menus.

The Information Society Technologies Programme

(Information Society Technologies Programme = IST)

IST is a single, integrated programme under the European Union’s Fifth Framework Programme for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration. Its contents are built on the convergence of the information, communication and media technologies. Strengthening European Industries’ scientific and technological bases, increasing Europe’s competitiveness, and the support of the major areas of the EU’s activities are among the priorities of the support strategy.

According to its principal legislative documents, the Decision No 182/1999/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, and the European Council Decision of 25 January 1999, the programme has an overall budget of 3,6 billion euro. It is implemented under the direction of the Information Society Directorate-General of the European Commission.

The structure of the IST programme is based on the 4 key actions (Key Action 1: Systems and Services for the Citizen; Key Action 2: New Methods of Work and e-Commerce; Key Action 3: Multimedia Contents and Tools; Key Action 4: Essential Technologies and Infrastructures) accepted through the Fifth Framework Programme. It also contains several horizontal actions (CPA, FET, RN) as well. In terms of infrastructure, the development of the European research and education network is a primary objective.

Support for projects may be obtained via submitting proposals to the IST programme. Legal entities based in the member states of the European Union may participate, as well as those from a country – as Hungary – associated in terms of this programme. The priority areas of the calls for proposals are defined in the action lines of the annual workprogrammes. These are elaborated by researchers and developers involved in the specific technologies, experts in the fields of research, education, and government, and representatives of the European Commission.

The IST programme issues calls for proposals in accordance with the roadmap, also published in its annual workprogramme, 8 times during its 4 years time span. Participants have 3 months available for the preparation and submission of their proposals. Proposals may be submitted by international consortia for the types of projects called for in the given call for proposals.