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EU IST Pro Publications

This section of the web site offers the publications of EU IST Pro and its partners, as well as presentations or documents disseminated at various events.

About EU IST Pro

A presentation of the EU IST Promotion Team in Hungary: (letöltés: EN)

PRO NMS - Call 5 Information Day and Project Preparation Workshop - Presentations (2005.06.15-16)

Day 1 - IST Call 5
Welcome and Introduction of PRO NMS - Vilmos Bognar - IST NCP (download: EN)
IST in FP6 / Hungarian Participation - Sándor Bottka - ISTC representative
IST Strategic Objectives for Call 5 - Emmerich Kitz – FFG (download: EN)
Embedded Systems - Erich Prem – EUTEMA
ICT for Networked Businesses - Vilmos Bognár – IST NCP (download: EN)
Micro-Nano based Sub-systems - Vilmos Bognár – IST NCP (download: EN)
Software and Services - Péter Krauth – KFKI (download: EN)
Access to and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Resources - Ádám Horváth - OSZK (download: EN)

Day 2 - Project Preparation Workshop
Participating in the European Framework Programme
Application phase - Emmerich Kitz – FFG (download: EN)
Good practise in successfully applying for FP6 projects - Erich Prem - EUTEMA (download: EN)
Evaluation and negotiation phase - Emmerich Kitz – FFG (download: EN)
Good practise in running the project - Erich Prem – EUTEMA (download: EN)

IST Information day presentations (2004.06.24)

IST Calls for Proposals published on 15June 2004 - Vilmos Bognar, IST NCP: (download: HU)

Hungarian results in the first two IST Calls for Proposals - Sándor Bottka, ISTC representative: (download: HU)

FP6 Presentations

A hatodik keretprogram új projekttípusainak ismertetése: (letöltés: HU)

Project management guidelines

Project management guidelines prepared on the basis of discussions of the IST consultation series and the expertise of the Project Management Association and BRIT-Tech Ltd. (download: HU)

* (Languages: EN=English, HU=Hungarian)