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Project Lifecycle:

The Exploitation of Results

Dissemination and Use

In proposals for research and technological development project proposals, it is advisable to address the ideas and plans for the use of research results that can be foreseen and defined at certain stages of the development. Successful proposers already begin preparing dissemination and use plans at the proposal writing stage and pay attention to selecting appropriate partners. The adequacy of these plans is included among the evaluation criteria. The plans for the exploitation and use of results are also crucial for preparing the Consortium agreement where issues related to intellectual property rights may be agreed upon among partners. These issues provide an opportunity and an incentive for the partners to keep a watchful eye out on market conditions with respect to partner results throughout the project, and be aware of the financial, legal, marketing and other obstacles may need to be overcome. Consortia elaborate these plans as the project work progresses, and are obligated to ensure the adequate and efficient use of results after the completion of the project. Such marketing activities extend beyond the R & D stage of the project.

Project Results

The IST Programme and the European Commission provide various outlets that may enhance project dissemination and use efforts, such as the IST Results website, the annual IST Conference and Exhibition, CORDIS, as well as various other websites, events and publications:

The IST Results website provides news and feature reports on the results of research supported under the Information Society Technologies programmes.

The annual IST Conference and Exhibition (IST 2004, IST 2003) provides a forum for IST participants to meet and display their interim and final research results.

The Technology Marketplace features a selection of technology offers awaiting exploitation and offers helpful advise on business issues of new product development.

The CORDIS RTD Results Supplement ½Technology Opportunities Today½ is published every six weeks and provides a selection of the variety of research results in the Framework Programme thematic areas.

The European Commission launched the Gate2Growth as a pan-European platform for innovation and business targeted to entrepreneurs, investors, technology incubators, technology transfer organizations, academics and researchers.

The Innovation Relay Centre network, supported by DG Enterprise Innovation Programme, contributes to the widespread dissemination of innovative technologies and services.