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IST Projects

Experts of the EU IST Pro team have participated and cooperated closely with directly in a number of IST projects in FP5 and FP6:

  • CISTRANA is a European initiative for the Coordination of IST Research and National Activities.
  • FINANCE-NMS-IST is an SSA project that assists New Member State Organisations with the financial and budgetary aspects of participation in the IST Program. Finance-NMS-IST trains via workshops the financial personnel within SMEs and other organisations, and assists them in interpreting and implementing the financial rules and regulations of FP6 to their benefit.
  • PRO_NMS addresses research organisations, SMEs, IT companies mainly from New Member States (NMS) - Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and one NIS country - Ukraine - to enlarge their participation in the IST programme focusing on the areas of Micro/nano based sub-systems, Embedded Systems, ICT for Networked Businesses, and Software and Services.
  • IST-Mentor aims to provide training and mentoring to motivated multipliers in New Member States, so that they could become professional IST support organisations in their respective countries based on a network of other multipliers and EU contacts. The EU IST Pro team has built a strong relationship with the Hungarian multipliers throughout the duration of the project and intends to continue cooperation for the years to come. The IST-Mentor project has been followed up by the establishment of the East-West connECtion network

Main activities and references for Netalfa Ltd.

Software development

Customs software

Participation in the development, maintenance, and support of the customs software used by a number of multinational companies, entitled JV�m. Further information is available from the distributer of the software, Soft-Point Ltd. Customers include, but are not limited to:

  • AFL Hungary - M�r
  • Flextronics International - Ny�regyh�za, S�rv�r, Tab, Zalaegerszeg
  • IBM DSS - V�c
  • Jabil Hungary - Szombathely, Tisza�jv�ros
  • MenloWorldwide Hungary - Biatorb�gy
  • Philips - Gyor, Szombathely
  • Solectron - Budapest
  • Temic - Budapest
  • Valeo Auto-Electric Hungary - Veszpr�m


Netalfa Ltd. has developed a number of other software programmes for a Java environment, including two internet chat programmes, one of which is operating as a paid service, while the other enables free chatting. (http://chat.rulez.org).

Hosting services

A selection of websites managed by a Netalfa Ltd.:

Distance work environment

Netalfa Ltd. provides a distance work environment for its subcontractors for IST services, which includes IMAP mail accounts as well as shared email and document directories.

Web development

Netalfa Ltd. in primarily oriented to provide infrastructure, however, it is also involved in web development projects. Furthermore, it is currently developing a complex web sales environment.